Which SmartBadge will you choose?

In all video’s and documentation we’ve just the white SmartBadge, but this isn’t the only colour! As of today we can announce that the SmartBadge will be produced in the colours white & black!


External features of the Atus SmartBadge

The large e-paper display and the non-provacative alarmbuttons are well displayed in the stylish Dutch design of the SmartBadge. With the two buttons (red / green) the user can easily react to incoming messages or send out an assistance or emergency call in case of need. The two three-clour LED’s on top of the SmartBadge and the unique beep patterns make sure no critical messages are missed.

Due to its small and flat size the SmartBadge is no burden while executing work tasks. The SmartBadge is worn on the chest and attached with a clip. Since the SmartBadge is worn close to the face, the attention value of incoming messages is very high. If desired, the SmartBagde can be fastened with a crocodile clip or lanyard.

The SmartBadge is resistant against disinfectants and water- and dustproof which makes the SmartBadge usable in various work environments.

Welke SmartBadge kiest u

The Atus SmartBadge charger

While developing the charger we’ve well considered the design and the work envirnoments in which the product would be used. The result is a stylish black and white charger. The SmartBadge is charged via induction (within 1.5 hours) and will be available as single and multiple (five-fold) chargers.

Single charger Atus SmartBadge

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