Personal security solutions for high risk situations

People who work in high risk environments, are regularly confronted with potential high risk situations. Delay of assistance can be fatal, with the Atus personal security handset staff can move freely with extra security.

The reporting functionality of the DECT6000 is extremely reliable. With the automatic confirmation the system knows if the message has reached his destination. When not, the message will be send again by the system.

  • Personal security within reach; Tear-Off alarms, two programmable alarms, plus fully automatic alarms like: no-move, fast-move and man-down.
  • Quasi- dead mode; a turned off stolen handset can be traced.
  • Listening function; central control can activate the microphone and simultaneous switch off other functions.
  • Handset self-test; the user or central control can test the handset on any given moment for extra insurance.

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